Medical Specialties Managers, Inc. utilizes PracticeVision, a versatile suite of management tools and applications to capture, integrate and share critical business data and information. The use of these tools provides our clients with on-demand access to revenue cycle indicators and reports, as well as contract, credentialing, employee, facility, and asset information. Immediate access to this information provides our clients with the critical information required to make intelligent decisions necessary to maintain a successful practice.

MSM’s use of the PracticeVision Revenue Cycle Engine has also demonstrated meaningful benefits for our clients. Those benefits include significant improvement in first submission claim resolution and an associated increase in cash flow. Through the use of this same technology, we are able to pinpoint and communicate data capture errors at the front desk which can also be used to correct those errors and thereby also improve cash flow and overall collections.

As a value added service to our Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management Clients, MSM offers free access to all the features and functionality of PracticeVision. We believe this offering represents significant savings and benefits to practices as an alternative to the purchase of complex and expensive systems to address the same business needs.