Orangewood Children’s Foundation: Back-To-School Donations

Last month, employees at MSM donated hundreds of pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons and other requested items to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation’s Back-To-School Drive. Some MSM employees even had the chance to deliver the boxes of donated items and tour the organization and shared their experience:

Visiting the Orangewood Children’s Foundation was an amazing experience.  The foundation is a private nonprofit organization whose mission statement is, “To provide innovative services for abused and neglected children and at-risk families to end the cycle of child abuse one life at a time.”  They are dedicated in helping young children and young adults, mainly those who are in the process of being emancipated.  We were given a tour of the facility and learned that they provide many resources for the children, such as: computers, telephones, professional/business casual clothing (for interviews and such,) televisions, workshops, scholarships, food, washer/dryers, and mentors.  While on the tour, we saw a few employees from another company preparing a meal for the children.  We were told that many companies volunteer their time to drop by and prepare meals.  We do not have to wait for summertime or Christmas to help the children/teens at Orangewood.  We can help year round by donating clothes, non perishable foods, hygiene items, holding food drives, and even by organizing a pot-luck and having someone take the food.  Being there made me appreciate the Orangewood Foundation for everything that they do.   

Knowing that there is a constant need for food and other donations, MSM aims to partner with Orangewood more frequently, and foster more community involvement for our generous employees.