Our Clients

At MSM we measure our success by our clients’ own success and satisfaction. The continued growth and confidence of our clients are direct results of our collaborative efforts. Continuous feedback from our clients helps MSM to personalize and further fine tune the services we provide to continually exceed our clients’ needs.

We are proud to share the following client testimonials.

Barry had managed the process of physician group integration and consulted on business strategy for the same physician group. Having spent many hours with Barry over the years, I hold Barry in great esteem. He is balanced, brilliant, and has an impressive depth of knowledge in his field. He is one of my biggest influences in my business life. I would recommend him with greatest enthusiasm.Simon Madorsky, M.D.

MSM has been an ideal partner for our group. They are responsive, conscientious, and industrious. They have been forward thinking, staying ahead of the changing marketplace. They have been integral part of our groups success. Barry Haberman, the president of MSM, is a wonderful man with high degree of integrity. He has deep insight into healthcare industry and its effect on a medical group. I have the highest regards for Barry and his organization.Paul Kim, M.D.

The MSM billing department’s attention to detail in finding correct and appropriate indications for studies is essential for efficient insurance reimbursement.Susan Lee, M.D.