MSM’s initial business plan was quite simple. We believed that offering highly personalized value to our clients, creating a professional and positive environment for our employees and actively engaging each other to be good citizens in supporting our community would result in success for MSM.Barry D. Haberman, President

MSM Past to Present

Medical Specialties Mangers, Inc. often simply referred to as “MSM” originally began in 1985 under the Moran, Rowen & Dorsey banner. Moran, Rowen & Dorsey or “MRD”, a large radiology practice comprised of two hospital and four freestanding imaging center locations in Orange, California.

Having previously outsourced their revenue cycle management, Barry Haberman, the future incorporator of MSM, alongside his trusty MRD cohorts purchased technology to bring billing infrastructure under the MRD roof. The group acquired an IBM System running the most current medical billing software that would now be considered “ancient.” Due to the management group’s ultimate success in enhancing collections and operating efficiencies, the group began to receive requests to provide services to other medical groups in the area.

By 1990, the billing and management group had out grown their shell and it was time to not only relocate but to also separate the billing and management components of MRD into a new company named Medical Specialties Managers, Inc. It was official- MSM was incorporated in January 1990!

Within five years, MSM had again expanded due to market demand and consequently relocated to the Orange Financial Center.

With all of the changes in healthcare, MSM continuously migrated through software and hardware systems in search of the perfect system and became engaged in developing medical practices, IPAs and joint ventures as well as performing MSO such as credentialing, contracting and claims adjudication for various entities.

MSM began to identify the need for management software applications and tools that were not being addressed nor provided by the medical software companies and began to development their own proprietary suite of management tools called “E-Med”.

As MSM continued to thrive, grow and expand, MSM had again found the need for additional space and was fortunate to be able to move to a larger facility within the same complex.

By this time, the “E-Med” tool kit had become technologically obsolete and MSM began re-development and expansion of their current management tool set, PracticeVision.

2010 was an important year for MSM. Once again out growing their facility, MSM relocated to its current location occupying two floors and 36,000 square feet of the City Plaza building located at The Block in Orange, California. 2010 also marked 20 years of success for MSM which was commemorated with a gala celebration for its employees.