Established in 1985, Medical Specialties Managers, Inc. continues to be a leader in the medical group management field. MSM integrates accounts receivable management, practice management, consultation and support services to help medical group practices increase their productivity and profitability.

MSM prides itself on practicing ethical and honest business; with an emphasis on fostering relationships. MSM views all of our client as well as vendor relationships as valuable long-term strategic alliances and partnerships.

We strive to provide top notch service delivered to our clients through interactions with our dedicated and knowledgeable staff. MSM’s dedication to providing the highest level of quality and service helps create and sustain long lasting and positive relationships with our clients and the community.


Our mission is to provide highly personalized services consisting of consultation, billing and practice management to medical group practices. Our areas of focus are in the application of superior personnel, leading-edge information systems technology, and competitive pricing to ensure mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Our vision is to be perceived as a highly desirable and indispensable strategic partner by our clients.Barry D. Haberman, President

What makes MSM different?


Our management staff has extensive actual operational, as well as consulting experience, in all areas of practice management.


We are a full practice management company with access to expertise in all areas of practice management.


Highly personalized and customized services that are adaptable to client needs.

High Client Satisfaction

Our client turn-over rate is extremely low, many have been with us for over 10 years.


We have very low internal turn-over and a high number of our employees have been with the company over 10 years.

Proprietary Universal Interfacing

Allows us to successfully interface with most practice management systems.

Claim Scrubbing Technology

Using this technology prior to submitting claims to payors. Customization of “claim scrubbing” programs to individual contract and/or payor requirements.

A.R. Scrubbing Technology

Allows us to create client specific rules for handling claims that do not follow predictable patterns of resolution.